Many security cameras allow sending notifications when motion is detected. Unfortunately, these notifications also are normally triggered by…

  • Shadows changing
  • Insects or birds flying in front of the security camera
  • Lightning flashes
  • Heavy rain or snow
  • Lighting changes from day to night

While security cameras often allow adjusting the overall sensitivity and even defining motion detection zones, these adjustments often still result in either getting no motion alarms whatsoever or getting dozens of false motion alarms per day. uses artificial intelligence to analyze your security camera motion alerts and only notify you if something truly important is detected.

On my own property, I only get notifications if an unrecognized vehicle or person is on my property. is filtering out all the shadow changes, insect or birds flying in front of the camera, lightning flashes, etc. even recognizes our own vehicles and family members so we only receive an email or text when an unrecognized vehicle or person is on our property.

To get started with, simply follow the instructions on the Help page.