Getting useless motion alert emails?

Filter security and wildlife camera alerts using artificial intelligence so you only receive alerts that matter

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What does it do? uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to filter motion alerts from security cameras and wildlife cameras so you only receive important alerts.

Eliminate Unwanted Motion Alerts

Almost anything can trigger a motion alert including shadows, leaves, or even insects. learns to identify the motion alerts that are important to you.

Get Important Alerts via Email or Text will send you an email or text with a picture of the important motion alerts.

View the History from Any Device

Access all motion alert images from any mobile or desktop device. Each image is automatically labeled by and may also indicate an alert was triggered.

What does it do?
Why use it?

Why use it? gets smarter and smarter over time as you train it with more and more motion alert images. You setup the labels (like Mike’s Truck or White-Tailed Deer and learns to tag the motion alerts with your labels.

Unknown Vehicles or Persons

Label motion alerts with known vehicles and persons and be notified on an unknown vehicle or person

Interesting Wildlife

Label your motion alerts with various types of animals and choose which animals trigger notifications


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Receive Rate – 2 motion alerts every 10 minutes
Training Size – 1,000 motion alerts
Training Frequency – Every 10 days
Retention Period – 6 months
Notifications – Email only

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$ 14 /mo

Receive Rate – 5 motion alerts every 5 minutes
Training Size – 10,000 motion alerts
Training Frequency – Every 3 days
Retention Period – 24 months
Notifications – Email and Text

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We got our first big snowfall last night and our security system sent out over 400 motion alerts due to the big snow flakes. Luckily, filtered them all out so I didn’t wake up once from a false alert. Just great.

Shannon J
Shannon J

Getting Started gets smarter over time as you train on more and more motion alert images

See Help for more details steps

Send your motion alerts to

Setup your existing security camera or wildlife camera to email motion alerts to

Setup your labels and alert rules

Setup labels like Mike’s Truck or Amy’s Car and then get notified if an unknown vehicle is detected

Train on your labeled motion alerts

After training on past motion alert images, can label future images automatically