Better Driveway Alarms with Artificial Intelligence

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Long driveway leading to large house

Standard Driveway Alarms

If you live on a farm or acreage, a driveway alarm helps you know when someone enters your property. Many companies sell solar powered driveway alarms with a wireless receiver; however, these type of driveway alarms have multiple drawbacks…

  • Yet another gadget to install and maintain
  • Alerts only go to the wireless receiver in your house (and not to your mobile device)
  • Alerts don’t show a picture of the vehicle
  • Alerts can’t be suppressed for known vehicles

A Better Driveway Alarm

If you already have a security camera that views your driveway or gate, can…

  • Receive motion detection emails from your security camera
  • Detect the specific objects in each motion detection image using AI
  • Notify you when something interesting happens (sending an email or text, detecting known or unknown vehicles, etc)

This has several advantages over a typical driveway alarm system…

  • Alerts sent to your mobile device via text or email allow you to receive them even when away from home
  • Alerts show a picture of the vehicle
  • Alerts can be defined on known or unknown vehicles (“UPS is at gate” or “Amy’s car is in driveway”)
  • Online alert history allows easily finding when vehicles were recently on your property

Get started with the free plan of here. If you have setup questions, feel free to contact us here.

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