Better Blink Security Camera Motion Detection Alerts

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Blink Security Camera

Built-in Motion Detection

Blink sells multiple cameras…

  • Blink XT2
  • Blink Indoor
  • Blink Mini

All the Blink cameras can detect motion and send alerts when something moves; however, it is common to receive too many false alarms from lightning flashes, shadows moving, or leaves blowing.

Blink cameras allow adjusting the motion detection sensitivity and zones as described here; however, it’s still very challenging to adjust the motion detection settings to balance between receiving too many and too few motion alerts.

Better Motion Detection Alerts with can receive your Blink Security Camera motion alerts (via IFTTT) and…

  • Learn to detect specific individuals, autos, animals, and more using deep learning AI technology
  • Trigger notifications based on what is actually in each image (like an unknown vehicle)
  • Send both email and text notifications
  • Allow viewing a history of motion alerts from any web browser

Setting up with Your Blink Security Camera

Setting up to work with your Blink Security System involves these steps…

  • Create an If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) account here
  • Get a capture email address from here
  • Use this IFTTT applet to send an email to the capture email address when motion is detected

After completing the steps above, confirm that is receiving your motion alerts here and finish setting up as you prefer.  If you have setup questions, feel free to contact us here.


The screenshot below shows showing motion images received from a security camera. is predicting a specific camera, pet, person, and vehicle for each motion alert image.

For the Vehicle prediction specifically, is predicting…

  • None if no vehicle is present
  • A specific vehicle (like Kent’s Truck or Shannon’s SUV)
  • Other if an unrecognized vehicle is present UI Screenshot

In the example above, has predicted that nothing interesting is in the motion detection alerts received at the front door and has properly detected an unknown vehicle in the driveway.

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